Professional email campaigns made easy, yet elegant

C-MAIL is online software that provides you with full control over your email campaigns. With this pay-as-you-go solution, you can manage and send out your own newsletters thanks to easy to understand tools, and full reports.

Hello, meet C-MAIL

C-MAIL turns all your next email campaigns into WOW! campaigns! The people at Crossmark will set up an account for you, which gives you acces to the online software complete with lots of handy features.

Our top features

Easy to use WYSIWYG-editor
C-MAIL comes with an easy to use inline editor, showing you instanly what the mail will look like.

Multiple templates
C-MAIL starts with one easy template, provided by Crossmark. More designs are available upon request.

Full reports
C-MAIL has a built in reporting system showing you data you can use to make the next mail better.

Ready to send? Pay online over a secure connection to start sending.

AB-split campaigns
Want to test if a certain subject has more effect on your readers? You can.

Test before sending
Before paying, you can send a preview copy to up to five testers.

Everlasting archives
All your previous mails and reports are kept online on the server.

More information?

Would you like to receive more information about the product and pricing? Ask us these, or any other questions you might have, through this form. We'll get back to you as soon as (humanly) possible.

Or if you really want to speed things up, why not try calling us at +32(0) 15 52 80 60 between regular business hours (9-5), or pay our offices in Bonheiden a visit. For more details on crossmark -what we do, who we are- and our location, please visit the crossmark website.